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New Trend In Car Wrapping

The New Trend of Car Wraps

corvette car wrap

Corvette c7 Z06 getting a vinyl wrap makeover

While many auto owners customize their vehicle by selecting packages and accessories at the local dealership, what about after you bring your ride home? What about five years later when you’re starting to regret the neutral, though-somewhat-bland grey exterior color that you selected?

A new trend promises to offer consumers an easy way to revamp their car’s cosmetics. It’s called car wrapping.

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car wrap

Photo: Yiannimize

The Lowdown

The process takes about 3-5 days to perform. The first step involves cleaning and buffing the car’s exterior. The next step is to wrap the car with a sheet of vinyl, then fuse it to the car’s surface by applying heat. Extra vinyl is trimmed away, for a neat, tailored finish.

A car wrap job will set you back somewhere in the range of $2,500 to $8,000. Because the process protects the car’s exterior rather than damaging it, you can change the wrap of your car multiple times, depending on your whim.

Exactly how long does the wrap last? Anywhere in the ballpark of 4-10 years, depending on the quality of the vinyl as well as driving conditions and how frequently you drive the car.


car wrap

Photo: Yiannimize

Perks of Car Wrapping

  • It’s a more cost-effective way to update your car’s appearance than painting it. Getting your car painted can cost anywhere from $3,000-$10,000, depending on the paint technique and quality of the paint used.
  • Another draw is resale value. Since car wraps protect the original factory color of your vehicle, it makes it easier to sell it down the road to a buyer who might prefer that color to the car wrap hue.
  • It also provides natural protection for your auto. The vinyl acts as a shield against abrasive debris, hail, airborne pebbles, and any other rough materials that you might encounter on the road.

So, as you’re wrapping your gifts this holiday, you might want to consider this affordable option for giving your car a colorful new look for the new year.

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