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and provide details of your wrap project by completing an online quote form or contacting us at 817.879.6150. For multi-vehicles and large projects, please contact us to schedule an on-site assessment. To request a quote now, click here.

Let's get creative.

The design process is simple. We require a 50 percent deposit to begin the artwork. On average, the first mock-up takes 1-3 days. There are no limits on the number of revisions. We will design it until you are satisfied.


Once the artwork is approved, we will get final measurements of your vehicle, confirm install date and start printing the wrap.


Average installation takes 1-2 days for a standard size project. Larger projects vary. We will give you a project timeline upfront. On completion of installation, the balance is due.


You name it, we will wrap it! Well, almost anything.  The material will not stick to certain surfaces
such as low energy plastics.  Check out our gallery of recent projects. 

Yes, design is included. Please provide a high-resolution copy of your logo in a .PSD, .ai,
or .EPS file.

Cost is based on the amount of coverage, difficulty, type of material, and length of time. We currently offer multi-vehicle discounts and fleet pricing.  Click Here to request a quote. 

Every project is different. The size of the project, your response time, and customer feedback are three big factors that determine how quickly the project can be completed. 

Design: Average 3-7 days for final approval. First mock-up takes 1-3 days. 

Printing: 1-2 days

Installation: 1-3 days (1-2 is standard)

*Timeline also depends on our shops current workload. 

Yes. We offer a 4-year warranty on most material. The warranty covers cracking,
peeling, or fading. Excludes some specialty material such as carbon fiber or chrome.

If it’s a factory paint job, it should not affect the paint. If the car has been re-painted or
is damaged it could pull the paint around those areas.

Most vehicle wrap material is rated for 4- 8 years outdoor durability. Depending on how the vehicle is kept will be a big factor (indoor vs. outdoor). The wrap can be removed and should not affect factory paint jobs.

We request that the vehicle is washed thoroughly before it is drop off. DO NOT wax the vehicle prior to installation.

We recommend hand washing your vehicle.  Avoid high pressure washes such as a
pressure washer at close range.  Do not wax/buff the vehicle wrap. Basic spray on waxes are all right.

Yes – we recommend a brushless car wash.

At this time, we do not offer in-house financing; however, we are partnered with a third party.   Rates, terms, and conditions are determined by them. Let us know if you’d like further information.